Are we there yet, Caskett?

I have been away long enough that I find it hard to recognise what is happening in the blogosphere  nowadays. But like all good things, I’m also back to writing.

So, while I was away trying to figure out what to do next and where I was heading to, I happen to chance upon a few selected TV series, such as Arrow, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Lie To Me and Castle.

I just finished with the last episode of Season Five of Castle.

Castle Beckett Caskett

So here it goes…


Going through 24 episodes of this season, something was different about the series. Headlined as a “Crime Mystery Thriller”, the first four seasons covered Richard “Rick” Castle, the writer, played by none other than Nathan Fillion, trying to figure himself out and in the meantime learn more about NYPD Homicide Detective Catherine “Kate” Beckett, portrayed by none other than the gorgeous Stana Katic.

When everyone is busy analysing the relationship between the two, it became clear to me what the series was all about – Castle. If it was about Kate, they would have named it Beckett instead.

Come Season Five, and finally Kate is dating Rick. And like all loyal fans of the series, it was the relationship in focus. I did a bit of analysing the season episodes myself, and I found out one thing – it is not.

Kate is a strong woman with her baggage, her lawyer mother being gunned down in an alley under the orders of a senator. Kate makes her peace with the whole revenge thing by this season, even though that is what drove her to become a detective in the first place.

And there you see Kate, a career-driven woman who has her priorities right. Textbook troubled-child-turned-amazing-person.

But what about Rick?

Castle, being a best-selling author, has all the money in the world. He has a loving and “near-perfect” daughter Alexis, played by Molly Quinn. But to understand the core of the character, you must focus on the one person who made Castle happen – his mother, Martha Rodgers, played by the beautiful Susan Sullivan.

In the last episode of Season Five, Kate gets a nod from the FBI Director to come work for their “special task force” in D.C., and everyone seems to understand her sneaking out to attend the interview without telling Castle. One might say she did not want to hurt Castle. One might say she was looking out for herself. And Martha says that to Rick that Kate is justified because she cannot handle the wait, the way Rick does not let her know where the relationship is heading to. So she makes a call.

Kate’s father tells her, in the meantime, that Rick has to handle this on his own, and that his daughter cannot hold her life and stop herself for someone else. Now that, is a dad looking out for his daughter. Castle would have done the same if it was Alexis. That is a side of men that women, brought up by men, see and experience first-hand. And it is safe to say that it is one part of all men that women have figured out and are spot on.

And at the end of the episode, Rick is on his knees, proposing to Kate.

Now you would think that love made him do it. Is it, really?

His mother showed him the way. Rick is all grown up and his daughter is in the college, and Martha is still taking his son to school.

Beckett and Castle, or “Caskett”, worked for Kate all this while because Rick was her safe-place. And that’s how it worked. But for Castle it worked, because Kate was Kate. Rick’s safe place is, and will always be Martha.

Mom's the word.

Mom’s the word.

When Rick is in a fix, he doesn’t burden Kate with himself. Hell, Kate has no clue. But Martha does. His mother is always with him, but she is objective. That’s the thing about mothers of men. She is the one who will, and will always stand by him, giving him the strength, that extra push, when he has no clue what to do. And this time, Martha showed Rick the way – to let Kate know where they were heading.

And this orchestrated the final scene of Season Five. Rick proposes. And the episode is over. Poof.

Kate has her career, she will move to D.C., will she? That question is of no significance. But the answer to “Will you marry me?” will define who you are.

The exercise is simple. Put yourself in Kate Beckett’s shoes and try to think what she is going in her mind, in your mind. And ask yourself this question, “Will you marry him? Yes or No.”



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