His Hollowness

Here: My Bio from when I used to look Cute:

Me. A simple guy looking out for newer stuff. Whenever such a thing chances I become the onlooker and then comment stuff. It is very unlikely of me to do something and comment in the cronological order, but when I do comment, I usually make sure I also did something. A fan of all the new Techie stuff, and all that comes on SKOAR!, a die hard devotee of RedvsBlue, and striving to become a blogger(as you have already figured out). More of me is what I write. I am a Loyolite and usually true to myself. Either I prove my point right or I make a point so that it satisfies my sadistic pleasure receptors. I think freely, n so I blog. End of story.

– The Hollowbaba (in Fall 2006)


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