Are we there yet, Caskett?

I have been away long enough that I find it hard to recognise what is happening in the blogosphere  nowadays. But like all good things, I’m also back to writing.

So, while I was away trying to figure out what to do next and where I was heading to, I happen to chance upon a few selected TV series, such as Arrow, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Lie To Me and Castle.

I just finished with the last episode of Season Five of Castle.

Castle Beckett Caskett

So here it goes…


Going through 24 episodes of this season, something was different about the series. Headlined as a “Crime Mystery Thriller”, the first four seasons covered Richard “Rick” Castle, the writer, played by none other than Nathan Fillion, trying to figure himself out and in the meantime learn more about NYPD Homicide Detective Catherine “Kate” Beckett, portrayed by none other than the gorgeous Stana Katic.

When everyone is busy analysing the relationship between the two, it became clear to me what the series was all about – Castle. If it was about Kate, they would have named it Beckett instead.

Come Season Five, and finally Kate is dating Rick. And like all loyal fans of the series, it was the relationship in focus. I did a bit of analysing the season episodes myself, and I found out one thing – it is not.

Kate is a strong woman with her baggage, her lawyer mother being gunned down in an alley under the orders of a senator. Kate makes her peace with the whole revenge thing by this season, even though that is what drove her to become a detective in the first place.

And there you see Kate, a career-driven woman who has her priorities right. Textbook troubled-child-turned-amazing-person.

But what about Rick?

Castle, being a best-selling author, has all the money in the world. He has a loving and “near-perfect” daughter Alexis, played by Molly Quinn. But to understand the core of the character, you must focus on the one person who made Castle happen – his mother, Martha Rodgers, played by the beautiful Susan Sullivan.

In the last episode of Season Five, Kate gets a nod from the FBI Director to come work for their “special task force” in D.C., and everyone seems to understand her sneaking out to attend the interview without telling Castle. One might say she did not want to hurt Castle. One might say she was looking out for herself. And Martha says that to Rick that Kate is justified because she cannot handle the wait, the way Rick does not let her know where the relationship is heading to. So she makes a call.

Kate’s father tells her, in the meantime, that Rick has to handle this on his own, and that his daughter cannot hold her life and stop herself for someone else. Now that, is a dad looking out for his daughter. Castle would have done the same if it was Alexis. That is a side of men that women, brought up by men, see and experience first-hand. And it is safe to say that it is one part of all men that women have figured out and are spot on.

And at the end of the episode, Rick is on his knees, proposing to Kate.

Now you would think that love made him do it. Is it, really?

His mother showed him the way. Rick is all grown up and his daughter is in the college, and Martha is still taking his son to school.

Beckett and Castle, or “Caskett”, worked for Kate all this while because Rick was her safe-place. And that’s how it worked. But for Castle it worked, because Kate was Kate. Rick’s safe place is, and will always be Martha.

Mom's the word.

Mom’s the word.

When Rick is in a fix, he doesn’t burden Kate with himself. Hell, Kate has no clue. But Martha does. His mother is always with him, but she is objective. That’s the thing about mothers of men. She is the one who will, and will always stand by him, giving him the strength, that extra push, when he has no clue what to do. And this time, Martha showed Rick the way – to let Kate know where they were heading.

And this orchestrated the final scene of Season Five. Rick proposes. And the episode is over. Poof.

Kate has her career, she will move to D.C., will she? That question is of no significance. But the answer to “Will you marry me?” will define who you are.

The exercise is simple. Put yourself in Kate Beckett’s shoes and try to think what she is going in her mind, in your mind. And ask yourself this question, “Will you marry him? Yes or No.”



A New First Person Story : Friends with Benefits


Here a Heads Up DISCLAIMER for you. This is a Story. Like the rest of the FPS Series.




We make a lot of mistakes in life. Bad decisions, Judgmental errors, and so on. But it is when it comes back to you at a point of time where it should come back to you, that bugs the shit out of you. My life is like that. A plethora of crapping in the past has resulted in a recoil effect. And it is hitting me hard now.

I was never a loner. I never preferred such peace in my life. But then like they say, Nothing lasts forever. But in the long run, I have seen all my decisions were right, even though they looked totally out of place when that time frame actually chanced. But then, the guy who is always right isn’t the one who is always popular right? 😀

Also, I have come to learn that all this pyaar vyaar ishq vishq is bloody overrated. 4 years have been wasted on that. And when I look back, all I can see is that, Friendship stays, not this fancy-named bullshit. At the end of the day, judging by how close my friends are, the only difference between a relationship and an awesome friendship is that the aforementioned one has too much of sex and emotional baggage attached to it. In short, it is a pain in the ass.

“Friends with benefits” <- Nice term no? Even though it disgusts most of the community I was brought up into, I have come to respect it. Everyone has Needs, Necessities, Comforts and Luxuries. Friendship is a need. being a good friend is a Necessity. but then when you introduce benefits into the equation, it jumps the gun to luxury. No comfort zone is traversed in the process. But then, it depends upon what a sort of friend you are, or the nature of that friendship. But most of you will be risking a friendship when it comes to this. But then here is advice:

Your life is pointless without risking it. After you are done taking the risk, your life becomes even more pointless anyway. – The Hollow  Baba

So, we both were “Friends with benefits”. It so happens that we still are. It is funny how simple and term can be complicated to you and still be very simple to me. It all started as a normal Bollywood type Love Story, minus the crappy songs of course. She used to stare at me mad, and I used to enjoy it. We never knew each other then like we do now. We were just random strangers sexually attracted to each other.

And that was, so long ago. When our paths crossed each other after years, we had become acquaintances, then friends, and then pretty good friends. Thanks to the 6 degrees of separation thing. But then, what we had was much more than a friendship. You could never say we were “in a relationship”, because we were simply not. Now, you must be thinking that this is just Denial. But no, I am denying the fact that it is denial, so chuck your stupid grin off your face.

Now she, was this total wacko. 😀 A Joan Jett reincarnated. That awesome. Now, you tell me? How can I not have “feelings” for her? At first it was weird. Things seemed to be out of place. There were a lot of things that “the society” would call blasphemy. First of all we were both metalheads. Then, she was elder to me. And well, a guy who is 5 feet 6, normally never gets a girl that short you see. So that was that. And the other thing was that, we were dating two assholes on the other end as well.


Pic Courtesy : Getty Images dot Com

But things went all Dabangg when in a week’s time, we saw each other Single. And we still stay Single. Funny part is, none of us now cares to establish a relationship with anyone now. For me, a new girl has to be better than her to impress me, and for her, a new asshole has to be better than me. Which I think is pretty much not a possibility from how the world is going about now.

Besides the sex, and feeling pretty good when the other person is around, which is pretty awesome, this friendship has grown so mature that what most of you dreams about, like emotional freedom, and personal space, all exist here.

I guess that is it. All I can now say is Let’s wait and watch.

From the Diary of a Friend.


HollowBaba adds: I like the way this is going. They always seem so happy. Also, Thank you all for bearing with me for 5 years. :mrgreen:

So Here’s to Vote:




************************** Here **************************

Five minutes into it and he was lost. She looked at him. The moment their eyes met, she turned away. She was a gutsy girl, but whenever she found him staring at her, something inflated her off all that. And that very moment, she felt she was nothing but a small baby girl longing for her father’s warmth. But she longed for his. Her every movement started to feel guilt-prone, something was pulling her to it; nevertheless, something was pulling her to him. It’s then that she felt happy, and sad, all at the same time. It was defying all her logic, and denting her intelligence, but something was pulling her towards it.

He thought to he was impermeable, he thought nothing would ever affect him, he thought he was free from all the urges of life. Until that day. He sat there, staring. Her beauty, was affecting him, even to a point that it was hurting him. He never knew what went through her mind. They were so different, so very opposite, but he felt that connection. It was like achieving a whole, man’s search to completion. And they so very well complemented each other.

************************** Elsewhere **************************

She held his arms so tight that he even doubted she’d break it into two. “I can’t control myself, I want a hug.” He looked at her in awe. He loved being dominated. But, the look in her eyes… he hugged her, and then just like that kissed her on the lips. She jumped up from her seat. That very second, he was expected something bad, but it didn’t happen. She looked down to him, and bit her lips. Then a smile. His life force retuned to him. And then just like that she kissed him back. This time, it was tight, long one, and on the cheeks. He didn’t mind. He loved every moment of it.

I love you”, he said. Just then he noticed…she was in tears. She hugged him tight n said, “Oh, I didn’t want this to happen, I wanted to fight you, not love you more, now I’ll miss you even more. It pains. I hate you. I hate you.” He looked at her and smiled. Her eyes said everything. She loved him more than anything in this world. They were in love, and nothing else.


We all have different desires and needs, but if we don’t discover what we want from ourselves and what we stand for, we will live passively and unfulfilled.” – Calvin

Vee are the World.


“And so there I stood, looking into the horizon. What I was searching for was the same thing I wanted in my life. A break. But then I somehow came to the horrifying conclusion that neither the horizon, nor my life would ever have that. It’s always continuous, and one event would lead to another and so on, just like the continual unending water meniscus before me. It has even come to a point where I have to test my mental integrity. But that didn’t happen till Vee said it. She said she loved me. I was shocked at first, but then under my brotherly figure, I wanted to hear that anyway. So in short, I was in relief that I didn’t have to feel guilty of my thoughts anymore. Vee was one girl who was always there in my life. She had a crush on me from the very beginning, and I just blew it with that brotherly dialogue of mine. I didn’t realize then, how I would have wounded her. But now I know… that was one deep cut in her. Vee won’t ever admit it anyway. But then when she said that in my face, I could see her eyes. They were strong, and they told me whatever she didn’t want to tell me. That is, she still is. But then, she knew all my stories. She used to sympathize, yet always compare her to whoever I fell for, and then draw a conclusion that she wasn’t that good. But reality was far more different. That’s why I wanted her to be always with me, by my side. But just like life’s stupid games, came a day, when I looked into her eyes, n saw that strength in her, that she mastered to tell me the truth, so that I may know it before it’s too late. But just right after, at that millisecond, she started doubting herself. That very instant, I realized I was the late one. And she had gone. Just like everyone else. Leaving me alone in this world. And now I’m staring at the deep blue ocean trying to derive the reason for my condition. May be I shouldn’t have told it. Maybe I moved in too fast. Maybe, it’s worth a wait, just like how the shore waits for the same wave to kiss it again…”

And so went his diary. I could see myself as one big asshole to read it. It was full of him and just him only. But I could see myself in it…in a way. Drifting away from the ones who loved you was always easy. It’s getting them back that was the pita. Wait! Wait a second! I know this Vee! That’s when I realized. It was her… It was her all along. My brother fancied her, but I hadn’t known. So stupid of me! OMG! They loved each other so much… and yet they parted. And everything else was just a lie, one big lie! Now I understand why they cannot face each other now… after all these years, they still are in love… Why big brother, how did all this happen?? How come you both aren’t together! How come you both punished yourselves like this! Why??

Maybe, life wasn’t that simple. I shouldn’t ask. But I must find out. So I turned to the next page…


plain love.


There was this really innocent girl. But then, she was sweet, and gorgeous. To be really honest, she wasn’t a bitch. But then, maybe that was the reason why her guys always used her. Maybe, that’s the reason she had to learn everything the hard way. But then, the important fact is that, she learned to live. Everyone loved her, but they all took her for granted. And now, after all these years, she found herself a guy, someone, who she could relate to, on each n every point of her life. He loved her. She loved him. But she knew this wouldn’t happen. He knew that too. Even with all the pain he had been through, he had finally found that one person, how could he let her go? But she couldn’t risk giving him more of the suffering. She knew what he had been through. Maybe, she had been there too. At some point of time, she knowingly sacrificed her sense of losing him, over the fact that their inevitable separation, which will chance only years later, would end in more pain that they could take. But nothing is inevitable here. Everything can change. But she loves him. He loves her. And their families love them. The only fact that separates them is what the society had made, in an effort to glorify everything.

It may sound silly. But it’s a serious issue nevertheless. And the way it is now, all of these seem like impervious dykes they cannot pass. Of course, their love is strong enough to emotionally cut down such a barriers, which they have done long back, by falling in love in the first place. But as far as practicality is concerned, there are serious issues to be addressed. She is lost… he is lost. But they are two souls in love. It’s the future that’s uncertain, and it’s the society that’s the hurdle. They can’t be another Romeo-Juliet in all this, for they have grown out of that age-old romances long ago. But then, all this changes nothing. They are in love. They’ll always be in love. It’s the bond between them, that is too strong for any reason like this to break, but being a couple, to live their love with each other, seems so very far away. He cannot run from it like this forever, he knows. And she cannot stand the fact that it is what it is. They so badly want to be together. Each day they talk, they are drawn closer and closer to each other, and each second they don’t see or hear from each other, they tend to love each other more n more. This has landed them in a total complicated situation where they are in love; they want to be with each other, but at the end, after all this (they think) they know it will not happen. How ironic life turned out to be!


That night she couldn’t sleep. Maybe she was sleeping all these years, and had woken up only now. But she woke up to nothing more than a sense of loneliness. The air was cold, but she didn’t shiver. Not even one bit. She had lost her chill, and felt the warmth already… traversing from point to point through isotherms, decapitating any laws of thermodynamics and meteorology that were left in the scope of her intellect. But she didn’t mind. She was never lonely, ever in her life, never before. But that night, she couldn’t find peace. She wanted to share, her life, her soul, everything, but she was alone. How ironic the world makes itself seem. One second it puts you in a cradle surrounded by care and the next second, you are to be self-employed man, sometimes an employed man under some self-employed man, selling your own worth for peanuts.


But Tyler had it all figured out. He was a complete man. Girls died over him, and there was always one with him to bed. He wore shades, dressed like a celebrity, but all he did was rob… rob someone of his car, rob someone of his condo, but more, rob someone of his own self. He never hesitated to kill, he was fearless, and he kicked ass like Sly Stallone in the 90s’. But then, to think he was another person was out of the question. He was you, and me, your father, your best friend, your brother, your lover, he was everyone, and still was no-one. He was everywhere but nowhere. *Snap!* Here’s how our story begins!

Maybe all she wanted was the comfort of a guy, all he wanted was material. He was cold, and he was a bastard! But then just like that she changed him. She changed him to something totally contradicting Tyler’s whole existence. He was a new man. He was T.

T wanted to love Leah, but he wasnt strong enough to take pain. Still he was innocent enough. So he loved her. And she loved him. And they loved each other. But they had to part one day. And that day was a year ago.

So today, she was awake, but was he? Maybe she loved him too much, ‘cos after they parted they had made a promise… a promise to see each other. Did he forget? How could he? Was she just a puppet… just another one of Tyler’s playthings… or did she actually change him to T. But she believed. She believed in T. And so she didnt feel the cold in her skin. Her hair didnt rise when the cold wind blew over her naked skin… maybe it was because she had waxed herself to perfection, maybe…

She did not have one drop of tear on her face, but he had. Looking down to her, he couln’t bear to see her in pain. But he was happy for her. Atleast she didnt know he was gone, and to never come back. That would have broken her to pieces, and he never wanted her to feel pain. He had promised her that. But his fate was done with. The Shinigami had written his fate in his Deathnote that very day they parted. And so he watched, as he tried to reach her, and hug her. And so she felt warm.

The End. Or is it?


Finally a STORY!!

Being appointed as the respected technical counselor at a Construction firm, soon came the day when the firm shifted us to one of their huge villas, in their township project. The Villas were gorgeous then, and now after some 5 to 6 years they are still looking good. Whatever the case, My mom still is active in the housewives’ club and as an engineer, which eventually landed her the role of the chairperson or something like that at the township planning whatever panel. And dad is going good with his passion of teaching, having a class a day. Anyways, just when everything was going way too well in my life, that a new family bought a brand new villa in the township, a minute walk from mine. The beauty about this was that my bro was its architect, and me the executor of the project. We were all too excited about our first combined work being bought, so we set off to see them. But more than us, it was mom who was too excited for the new induction into the housewives’ whatever, who was the one to take the initiative.

So, I drove over to the place, parked the ride in front of the new villa, and juggled the keys to my bro. It was our usual thing…if we go somewhere together, we both drive. And so just as we unhitched the SUV, my mom spotted the family rush up the villa entrance. I don’t know what happened but impulsively as it seemed, my mom rushed up right after them, and like in the old days, she trip n fell. This time she twisted her ankle. Great. As we helped mom to the car, the family heard the fall, and some of them rushed out. And that’s when I saw a familiar face in the owner’s wife. It was her mom!

As I escorted my mom to the SUV, she made it clear that one of us will have to stay back to tell the family whatever we were going o tell. And she insisted. And after assuming who all will be inside, I had no intention in staying back. But then bro already got himself seated on the wheels. So it was me after all. I walked back to the villa. This time though… it was an all too different feeling. It was just like good old college days. I could feel the adrenaline pumping up and touching my throat through my heart and stomach.

The owner and his wife were already out, and so It was easy for me to guide them to the lawn and show them the view from the back. After an hour of pointless cautious owner-builder talk, we went into the house, and for the first time, the thing I built up like my baby felt alien to me. The walls, the fittings, the cornice work, everything seemed to look like strangers. But then soon enough I was saved by a phone call, They had to rush to pick up someone who eventually got lost in a 5 km long array of identical villas. So before anything explosive happened, I rushed to the door right after they left. But then, someone ran in to me from the back, and hugged me real tight. And I stopped.

So many images flew past right in front of my eyes that spilt second. And then I heard her voice. “I missed you… I missed you too much…” With that the hug tightened. Her voice was way sweeter than the last time I heard it. And comforting too.Then finally after some time, I turned myself towards her. It had been some thirteen odd years, and now after all this time, she was as beautiful, and elegant as she was then. Maybe more. But she was in tears. And somehow I didn’t think much. I wiped them of gently from her smooth round cheeks, and helped the hair strands that had elegantly kissed the frontal part of her ear lobes…

And then, just as instantaneously as the whole episode went, she kissed me… just like that. That was too much turbulence for me. After all those years… I thought, and suddenly, all I could think of was her, just her… I landed my lips gently on her cheeks…then around the lips, under the neck…

Soon we found ourselves mouth to mouth… so comforting was that feeling, that sudden quenching blow to every kind of thirst, to every shortcomings, and contentment filled my eyes soon enough. And after so many years, tears ran down my cheek to moisten the intersection of our lips… It was pure…

“Diddi!!”, came the call from the room above. It was her sister. We hastened ourselves out of the osculation. Just as timed as it was, my phone rang. It was mom. So without saying anything I rushed outside to my villa to my mom…