Enjoy the Good Times…


If I remember correctly, It was on 20th february. Our seniors had called us to make something for the Annual procession we had in our College as the starting gig of our Art’s Fest Stage events. So, Vilbin Varghese, Nebin Jose and me, we decided to go a lil further and pull this off.

All we did was take out the Strong Beer bottle, stare at it for half an hour, brainstorm. Then it was just cardboard, size 20 staplers, Glue, Mason’s tape, Thin Wire, Black Chartpaper, Glazing paper, Scissors, and 6-7 hours of Hard work. But we enjoyed every moment of it. You just dont call it Good Times like that, it is because it is so. Maybe thats why we 19 year olds just did it. Here’s the end product:

and so i took a sip from my creation. 😛

These were taken at the procession. The bottle was modeled so as to fit me. I walked the walk. 🙂 (Sorry, but didnt take the solo pics of the bottle in all that excitement)

the whole world never mattered anyway...

King of Good times it was. 🙂


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Cheers. Ciao.



So…Finally I get it (SOMEWHAT) Right..!

[image quality may suffer due to unavailability of a scanner and due to data transfer from a nitemode 1.3 megapixel phone camera to the computer]



Finally….I have succesfully finished a good sketch of a girl….after getting inspiration from the O.C.(did I tell you that I only saw one episode.). In the O.C.(the series) their is this one artist guy who obviously sketches…and by looking at his pics…something striked my head like a hammer and a fused 40W bulb at the same time: Why Not Change To Cartoons! So, I finally took out my long forgotten pencil and some rough sheet of paper and started to work on it..! 

Voila! It just turned out (somewhat) good! I never thought it would turn out so (somewhat) good…and personally, it just took me 10 minutes to sketch it up… and then another 5 minutes of smudging and bordering, and it just turned out so (somewhat) well…well! just see it for yourself. Did I tell you that I, on an average, takes a pencil and paper to a lonely place, just twice or thrice a year!

So now that I’m feeling so (somewhat)proud of myself…I am just waiting for the critics…”Hell! Where are they..??”



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The GIRL on the Paper

After further defeated efforts on sketching a girl perfect to anatomy, I finally understood one universal fact: You cannot truly understand a woman fully! Well, come on! I wasted dozens of papyrus sheets just on a girl! (A delayed apology to the environmental guys, but hey! I use recycled paper.)


And oh! I got the eyes and the midsection right…its the “special parts” that are causing the problem. Not that you have to actually see something in real to present it on a canvas, but its just hard! And these parts always go wrong. Any unwanted hump in my drawing takes the shape of a hand or any other protrusion coming out from the upper body or “You know where” places!


Then the ears…man! The ears! How I hate to draw them! (Girls, Sorry…its not that I hate the ears…I actually love the ears, but they are just too hard to position and draw!) Well…putting the dress on the girl is another thing. Its an easy task and a safe one too…since it avoids unwanted attention (PS: I am in a boys only school). But when you clad her in a beautiful sari or salwar or even a miniskirt and a rather revealing top, you get harsh words with extensive vocabulary from the pack most of them saying, “Why the #$%^&@* hell made you sketch that dress…we don’t want the dress…just the girl, Next time you draw the dress…” well, I don’t blame them…seriously I cannot blame them, but unlike their notions, I’m concentrating on the fashion thingy and all.

Well… I see the whole thing is defeating the purpose…but what can I do!!

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