A city of malls, malls, and more malls. 

Want to hang out? Let’s meet at the mall.
Want to eat? The mall food-court.
Want to watch a movie? Mall multiplex.
Want to drink? The mall pub.
Want to shop? BAAM! The Mall, again. 



Time Again.


This time I froze. She was looking into my eyes; staring as if it were my waist lines. But they weren’t. I was too busy in thought to answer her query, for she had asked me what had happened. I knew the answer, but I couldn’t tell her. My language suddenly got a limited tag, my vocabulary shunted out like those cheap resistor boxes did in my school labs. But that’s that.

It was on a perfectly bright morning, some day at school, it was 1996 perhaps, that I first saw him.

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The Fast Lane

Quick Comment: Controversy or Long Legs?

Lessons To Life. Part #1

Well…you know how it is. You learn by mistakes, and sometimes you learn too much (or even less) that you also try to learn how it chanced and well… at times try to teach your neighbor some of those lessons. But then, there are lessons in Life that I cannot ignore after all that change it made in my life. So let’s approach those lessons both rationally and irrationally, like surds…And in my real small life segment, I’ve learnt lessons that are worth an encyclopedia. (Credits to the bright young, old and the dying who have interacted with me at some point of my life) So…lemme begin…

To begin with…hmm… I spent like almost half of my life in my school. To be one of a pack of some 50 gut-filled wolverines, and to survive in it for about 13 years, without nothing actually happening required balls, and much more. Being girl-less for a bigger part of my life may have changed my approach to a real crude one, but then it was freedom in one sense. You could release everything anywhere and everywhere. It was something every dude enjoyed at my school. It’s just real simple to understand. If you are chained for so long, you definitely won’t become accustomed to it. That’s the truth. You will always try to break free. And when you break free at the end of it, all that frustration, which caused it to happen, release in a split second, dynamically magnifying itself to a mammoth scale. And that is Bad. Real Bad. Somehow fate approached me in a totally different way…it put me in a school where I was granted total Anarchy, and so, at the end of it all, we(including the chaps in my class) had nothing to “release” and all, and we eventually grew up to respect freedom than to use it. But then when one reaches College, most people have a feeling that it is a gate to freedom, which is obviously bull-shit when I see it. The concept of freedom is so reduced that at times I feel like kicking myself down a cliff.

Let’s take Stan. He was a real good friend of mine. To begin with…he was one of the greatest geniuses (which includes the 50 super-human-samurais I introduced earlier) in the field of “whatever shit people discuss in first year college and just before and giggle and frown and smug and experiment and securitize and all.” The only things the geniuses missed were an approach to the other side of the horizon… to other spectrum of their own species on the planet. To be brief, these guys were (and still are) hard to crack, and they momentarily give you crowbars at their will, mainly for the common good of mankind. So after a lot of crowbar throwing, hitting, hammering, filing, and so on, these guys grew up to take all the shit of life, well…almost all the shit of life.

But then Stan, after all those lessons they threw at them, grew up to trust them. He was like them in all other aspects, but then it was the other sex that made it go all wrong. Enter Rita. Smart, intelligent, diligent, assiduous, sedulous, beautiful, and who seems to be a lil mature at times. I am not saying if she was tall or if she dances or if she has a temper the size of Eiffel tower or if she ever was at least a runner-up (or something) in some personality contest in her school, or if she used to chat through the net mostly on Saturdays, or if she always had that sparkle in her eye that made everyone feel like zombies in front of her. Okay… enough praise for some character who acquire shades of grey (and red) in the course of whatever I am typing down.

They say you should never ever spend a single paisa on a girl. The greatest loss for any guy is to invest on women. (I am not starting off an account…That would be rather, you know, err… yeah that.) So, trust me on that one, I have personally seen Stan go bankrupt with his savings. He’ll like save for months and months, and then spend on some stupid thing like cards or something. He doesn’t know how to show that he cares, but he tries, and so he tried. He used whatever talent he had; he used his aesthetic sense to hunt down stuff (mostly cards), or chocolates in some cases. But a rare feather-white handicraft card was one of the biggest blunders he committed. Stan always use to ask me “Isn’t that enough to show that I care?” What the fuck was he thinking? Girls don’t use their brain, that’s what you think? Guys think they are heart creatures. Big Mistake. They analyze every shit that comes their way, and they avoid everything thrown at them in a rather smart, if not appreciable way.

Guys, and girls, Martians and Venusians, the two at times almost make you feel like they are from different planets. Guys always tend to mistake friendship as love, and Girls, well, tend to take love as friendship. Sad no? Well…why the fuck am I blabbing shit like that? What love? All I wanted to say is about Intimacy. Isn’t there a concept called ‘intimate friendship’? Or did that die too in this age of shit-headiness? I have always wondered…an intimate friendship is pure and white…it’ll have challenges, but then when one approaches from a side, if the other person closes the system down, then there goes the ‘Chattiyum Kalavum’. Well, you may ask if intimate friends can be between girls and girls and guys and guys, but you see, Athallallo athinteyoru ithu? Yeythu? Yeah intimacy is a sort of love…the guy and the girl will eventually love each other. Don’t stress on the fucking word. It has a lot of meanings, and it varies from perspective to perspective. They will be more comfy with each other, they’ll love talking to each other, but then everything needs a start no? What if the guy and girl is some 200 km away from each other, there is always the marvel of communication technology to save the day, The mobile Phone!

One must understand the basics. No one wants to rape or bone or ‘marry’ the other. Even if that fantasy ever occurs, it’ll be discarded, which is guaranteed. Then why do they fear, and close down? Why? To find excuses or reasons for everything is easy, but is that enough for someone to cut down every little contact, and erase all the history they had as friends. I don’t know. I have much more to learn, and will be learning it shortly, but for the meantime, I think this shit is far more than enough. So I end it here. Let the almighty have mercy on the souls who wish to kill me after chewing on this yet another “mattey” post.


DISCLAIMER:I Seriously don’t give a fuck of what you think. I write and I write what I want to write. No shit is Real and Nothing mentioned above has anything to do with anything or anyone living or dead. If, by some permutations and combinations, such a thing occurs, It’s your problem in the first place to apply mathematics to english. The author is not responsible for any shit.