Tower Burger Patty, Femme Fatale and What the Fuck!

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Fillion Montson:

And there he was. Like always. It just seemed that this time he had it. The Restaurant seemed to be a distant dream now. he didn’t know what to choose now. But above all that, he dint know what he really wanted. He couldn’t digest what he saw. It was huge. And taller than what he could ever have imagined anything bearing such a name to be. Anyway, that time was long back, and looking back to it seemed to ease some of his inborn urges. And then he concluded. It was the patty. It has always been the patty. He was always specific with what he wanted. A Tower Hamburger, with Cheese and Bacon, with a pinch of Pepper. Whatever the mushy yet grainy bread made for sheer awesomeness, it all came down to the patty, and it was the Patty that decided the Burger. Not the crust, not the topping, not the sauces, but the Patty, and the Patty alone.



Lisa Himax Rayce:

She was exhausted. But that was the least of her problems now. It had broke. Read the rest of this entry »


Will the real Best Buddy please Stand Up? On the Great Wall of China maybe.

They always say its a woman who stands between two men who are best friends. But viewing it from a different perspective, I am with the lady really. Maybe she just made the guys understand that their so-called Best-Buddy-hood was, after all, weak, too weak that her mere presence has broken in. So, in that way, she just helped the two guys in realizing the fact that true friendship is way beyond what they thought it to be. Lets get this story going already! ๐Ÿ˜›


Enter Protagonist. The chap had an awesome group of people around him called friends. Soon he gets a girl, and thats that. Here’s where the second girl enters. Now you all might be thinking, will she be threat to the relationship? Does he have an affair with this new chick, bla bla.. usual TV series stuff. But then this aint that. This happens to be my blogpost, so that never chances(trust me. it never will as well). ๐Ÿ™‚

So second girl enters, quickly becomes one of the best buddies. (now thats skill!) All’s well. But it is here that something goes wrong. She gets ridiculed. The guy doesnt have a clue why. But apparently he does(you can almost sense the confusion there). Somehow, he finds a wall. Something like a Great Wall of China, with his “old” buddies on top.


Now here’s the thing.

He has a girl. She loves him, He loves her.

He has a best friend. She makes him happy, he makes her happy.

He can climb that wall, “can” NOT “will” or “should” or “has to”.

He wants to climb that wall. But he needs two people on board with him. The two girls.

Finally he makes it up with both of them. There he finds his buddies.

The Great Wall of China is long, and huge, and there is place for everyone.

He needs Everyone on the great wall.


Please try to find your point in this post.I would really appreciate if you posted what you have gathered in my comments section. Just want to know if this write up had a point. ๐Ÿ˜›


Ciao Buggers. Cheers. \m/

Enjoy the Good Times…


If I remember correctly, It was on 20th february. Our seniors had called us to make something for the Annual procession we had in our College as the starting gig of our Art’s Fest Stage events. So, Vilbin Varghese, Nebin Jose and me, we decided to go a lil further and pull this off.

All we did was take out the Strong Beer bottle, stare at it for half an hour, brainstorm. Then it was just cardboard, size 20 staplers, Glue, Mason’s tape, Thin Wire, Black Chartpaper, Glazing paper, Scissors, and 6-7 hours of Hard work. But we enjoyed every moment of it. You just dont call it Good Times like that, it is because it is so. Maybe thats why we 19 year olds just did it. Here’s the end product:

and so i took a sip from my creation. ๐Ÿ˜›

These were taken at the procession. The bottle wasย modeledย so as to fit me. I walked the walk. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Sorry, but didnt take the solo pics of the bottle in all that excitement)

the whole world never mattered anyway...

King of Good times it was. ๐Ÿ™‚


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