Oh well, Here we are. Updates.


Back into the wild, are we?

So, after a long dark year, getting into all sorts of fucked up shit, I’m back and sane enough to think again, forget writing. Smoking up green, travelling strange cities, chugging a lot, a hell lot of beer on the way, yes, my youth is complete.

But as of now, we are back on the bandwagon of truth towards infinity and beyond.

After so much singledom and fucking around, I almost had lost grip on reality. It was a dark world, and i smoked up some heavy shit not even worth mentioning. Mostly to be myself and to maintain the asshole decorum, because to where I was heading, that was the only thing that mattered.

Very well then, so that was 2011 for you all.

Come 2012, I’m a changed man. I don’t know if I am out of the grief of my first woman’s untimely departure from this plane, rendering me a orphan of sorts, but as I write this, I feel like a rock, devoid of emotion.

I guess, this rock will go away as I progress my writing. And oh btw, I’ve found this very perfect girl. My woman. Apparently, she had to go through the complete knowledge of womanhood, but basically she makes me the best and the most happiest man I’ve ever met in my little life.

God knows what magic she did, but even without her knowing, I was eradicated of all aforementioned bad habits, some kind of baptism of sorts, and mind you, I ain’t Christian.


But I interestingly got to learn a lot about humans, operation, emotions, and basically using sufficient brain to live a life. And that constitutes another story. Another time. So there I am. As pure as distilled phenol, and as musky smelling as Old Spice after shave.

Amen to me. Another morning awaits you people. Thank you for reading. Cheers.


One Response to “Oh well, Here we are. Updates.”

  1. Sriram Says:

    Emotional maturity mate. All of us attained it during these years. I too had a huge dose of such growing up last year. And how.
    We did talk about such things a bit that day at the coffee place didnt we. The truth remains. We all grew up. Experience took a goddamn bucket and tipped it over our heads, making us gasp to swallow whatever we could.
    Cheers. 🙂

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