A city of malls, malls, and more malls. 

Want to hang out? Let’s meet at the mall.
Want to eat? The mall food-court.
Want to watch a movie? Mall multiplex.
Want to drink? The mall pub.
Want to shop? BAAM! The Mall, again. 


Are we there yet, Caskett?

I have been away long enough that I find it hard to recognise what is happening in the blogosphere  nowadays. But like all good things, I’m also back to writing.

So, while I was away trying to figure out what to do next and where I was heading to, I happen to chance upon a few selected TV series, such as Arrow, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Lie To Me and Castle.

I just finished with the last episode of Season Five of Castle.

Castle Beckett Caskett

So here it goes…


Going through 24 episodes of this season, something was different about the series. Headlined as a “Crime Mystery Thriller”, the first four seasons covered Richard “Rick” Castle, the writer, played by none other than Nathan Fillion, trying to figure himself out and in the meantime learn more about NYPD Homicide Detective Catherine “Kate” Beckett, portrayed by none other than the gorgeous Stana Katic.

When everyone is busy analysing the relationship between the two, it became clear to me what the series was all about – Castle. If it was about Kate, they would have named it Beckett instead.

Come Season Five, and finally Kate is dating Rick. And like all loyal fans of the series, it was the relationship in focus. I did a bit of analysing the season episodes myself, and I found out one thing – it is not.

Kate is a strong woman with her baggage, her lawyer mother being gunned down in an alley under the orders of a senator. Kate makes her peace with the whole revenge thing by this season, even though that is what drove her to become a detective in the first place.

And there you see Kate, a career-driven woman who has her priorities right. Textbook troubled-child-turned-amazing-person.

But what about Rick?

Castle, being a best-selling author, has all the money in the world. He has a loving and “near-perfect” daughter Alexis, played by Molly Quinn. But to understand the core of the character, you must focus on the one person who made Castle happen – his mother, Martha Rodgers, played by the beautiful Susan Sullivan.

In the last episode of Season Five, Kate gets a nod from the FBI Director to come work for their “special task force” in D.C., and everyone seems to understand her sneaking out to attend the interview without telling Castle. One might say she did not want to hurt Castle. One might say she was looking out for herself. And Martha says that to Rick that Kate is justified because she cannot handle the wait, the way Rick does not let her know where the relationship is heading to. So she makes a call.

Kate’s father tells her, in the meantime, that Rick has to handle this on his own, and that his daughter cannot hold her life and stop herself for someone else. Now that, is a dad looking out for his daughter. Castle would have done the same if it was Alexis. That is a side of men that women, brought up by men, see and experience first-hand. And it is safe to say that it is one part of all men that women have figured out and are spot on.

And at the end of the episode, Rick is on his knees, proposing to Kate.

Now you would think that love made him do it. Is it, really?

His mother showed him the way. Rick is all grown up and his daughter is in the college, and Martha is still taking his son to school.

Beckett and Castle, or “Caskett”, worked for Kate all this while because Rick was her safe-place. And that’s how it worked. But for Castle it worked, because Kate was Kate. Rick’s safe place is, and will always be Martha.

Mom's the word.

Mom’s the word.

When Rick is in a fix, he doesn’t burden Kate with himself. Hell, Kate has no clue. But Martha does. His mother is always with him, but she is objective. That’s the thing about mothers of men. She is the one who will, and will always stand by him, giving him the strength, that extra push, when he has no clue what to do. And this time, Martha showed Rick the way – to let Kate know where they were heading.

And this orchestrated the final scene of Season Five. Rick proposes. And the episode is over. Poof.

Kate has her career, she will move to D.C., will she? That question is of no significance. But the answer to “Will you marry me?” will define who you are.

The exercise is simple. Put yourself in Kate Beckett’s shoes and try to think what she is going in her mind, in your mind. And ask yourself this question, “Will you marry him? Yes or No.”


Oh well, Here we are. Updates.


Back into the wild, are we?

So, after a long dark year, getting into all sorts of fucked up shit, I’m back and sane enough to think again, forget writing. Smoking up green, travelling strange cities, chugging a lot, a hell lot of beer on the way, yes, my youth is complete.

But as of now, we are back on the bandwagon of truth towards infinity and beyond.

After so much singledom and fucking around, I almost had lost grip on reality. It was a dark world, and i smoked up some heavy shit not even worth mentioning. Mostly to be myself and to maintain the asshole decorum, because to where I was heading, that was the only thing that mattered.

Very well then, so that was 2011 for you all.

Come 2012, I’m a changed man. I don’t know if I am out of the grief of my first woman’s untimely departure from this plane, rendering me a orphan of sorts, but as I write this, I feel like a rock, devoid of emotion.

I guess, this rock will go away as I progress my writing. And oh btw, I’ve found this very perfect girl. My woman. Apparently, she had to go through the complete knowledge of womanhood, but basically she makes me the best and the most happiest man I’ve ever met in my little life.

God knows what magic she did, but even without her knowing, I was eradicated of all aforementioned bad habits, some kind of baptism of sorts, and mind you, I ain’t Christian.


But I interestingly got to learn a lot about humans, operation, emotions, and basically using sufficient brain to live a life. And that constitutes another story. Another time. So there I am. As pure as distilled phenol, and as musky smelling as Old Spice after shave.

Amen to me. Another morning awaits you people. Thank you for reading. Cheers.

A New First Person Story : Friends with Benefits


Here a Heads Up DISCLAIMER for you. This is a Story. Like the rest of the FPS Series.




We make a lot of mistakes in life. Bad decisions, Judgmental errors, and so on. But it is when it comes back to you at a point of time where it should come back to you, that bugs the shit out of you. My life is like that. A plethora of crapping in the past has resulted in a recoil effect. And it is hitting me hard now.

I was never a loner. I never preferred such peace in my life. But then like they say, Nothing lasts forever. But in the long run, I have seen all my decisions were right, even though they looked totally out of place when that time frame actually chanced. But then, the guy who is always right isn’t the one who is always popular right? 😀

Also, I have come to learn that all this pyaar vyaar ishq vishq is bloody overrated. 4 years have been wasted on that. And when I look back, all I can see is that, Friendship stays, not this fancy-named bullshit. At the end of the day, judging by how close my friends are, the only difference between a relationship and an awesome friendship is that the aforementioned one has too much of sex and emotional baggage attached to it. In short, it is a pain in the ass.

“Friends with benefits” <- Nice term no? Even though it disgusts most of the community I was brought up into, I have come to respect it. Everyone has Needs, Necessities, Comforts and Luxuries. Friendship is a need. being a good friend is a Necessity. but then when you introduce benefits into the equation, it jumps the gun to luxury. No comfort zone is traversed in the process. But then, it depends upon what a sort of friend you are, or the nature of that friendship. But most of you will be risking a friendship when it comes to this. But then here is advice:

Your life is pointless without risking it. After you are done taking the risk, your life becomes even more pointless anyway. – The Hollow  Baba

So, we both were “Friends with benefits”. It so happens that we still are. It is funny how simple and term can be complicated to you and still be very simple to me. It all started as a normal Bollywood type Love Story, minus the crappy songs of course. She used to stare at me mad, and I used to enjoy it. We never knew each other then like we do now. We were just random strangers sexually attracted to each other.

And that was, so long ago. When our paths crossed each other after years, we had become acquaintances, then friends, and then pretty good friends. Thanks to the 6 degrees of separation thing. But then, what we had was much more than a friendship. You could never say we were “in a relationship”, because we were simply not. Now, you must be thinking that this is just Denial. But no, I am denying the fact that it is denial, so chuck your stupid grin off your face.

Now she, was this total wacko. 😀 A Joan Jett reincarnated. That awesome. Now, you tell me? How can I not have “feelings” for her? At first it was weird. Things seemed to be out of place. There were a lot of things that “the society” would call blasphemy. First of all we were both metalheads. Then, she was elder to me. And well, a guy who is 5 feet 6, normally never gets a girl that short you see. So that was that. And the other thing was that, we were dating two assholes on the other end as well.


Pic Courtesy : Getty Images dot Com

But things went all Dabangg when in a week’s time, we saw each other Single. And we still stay Single. Funny part is, none of us now cares to establish a relationship with anyone now. For me, a new girl has to be better than her to impress me, and for her, a new asshole has to be better than me. Which I think is pretty much not a possibility from how the world is going about now.

Besides the sex, and feeling pretty good when the other person is around, which is pretty awesome, this friendship has grown so mature that what most of you dreams about, like emotional freedom, and personal space, all exist here.

I guess that is it. All I can now say is Let’s wait and watch.

From the Diary of a Friend.


HollowBaba adds: I like the way this is going. They always seem so happy. Also, Thank you all for bearing with me for 5 years. :mrgreen:

So Here’s to Vote:



Well Well Well…

Life is such. Shit Happens.

Speaking of which, I think it is fair and a good time to welcome be back after my unexpected break from WordPress. Usually, as you people know about me, a girl would chance as a reason for this, but trust me, this has nothing to do with anything dildo-philic.

Now, I just went through my whole WordPress and found out that I was blogging since the Winter of 2006. Phew, 5 years. and did anything change? Yes. It did.

For starters, just look at how I operate things now. I’m writing down this post to revive my 10k user-hit website, which also shows how less desperate I am this days.

Lets say I have come to peace with the fact that every one, at the end of the day, lives for him/herself only, and it doesn’t matter how nice a goody goody pants you are, you still wont take no shit if anything that is affected you and only you, is tampered with.

My point is, I am back, bitches!

Tower Burger Patty, Femme Fatale and What the Fuck!

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Fillion Montson:

And there he was. Like always. It just seemed that this time he had it. The Restaurant seemed to be a distant dream now. he didn’t know what to choose now. But above all that, he dint know what he really wanted. He couldn’t digest what he saw. It was huge. And taller than what he could ever have imagined anything bearing such a name to be. Anyway, that time was long back, and looking back to it seemed to ease some of his inborn urges. And then he concluded. It was the patty. It has always been the patty. He was always specific with what he wanted. A Tower Hamburger, with Cheese and Bacon, with a pinch of Pepper. Whatever the mushy yet grainy bread made for sheer awesomeness, it all came down to the patty, and it was the Patty that decided the Burger. Not the crust, not the topping, not the sauces, but the Patty, and the Patty alone.



Lisa Himax Rayce:

She was exhausted. But that was the least of her problems now. It had broke. Read the rest of this entry »

Will the real Best Buddy please Stand Up? On the Great Wall of China maybe.

They always say its a woman who stands between two men who are best friends. But viewing it from a different perspective, I am with the lady really. Maybe she just made the guys understand that their so-called Best-Buddy-hood was, after all, weak, too weak that her mere presence has broken in. So, in that way, she just helped the two guys in realizing the fact that true friendship is way beyond what they thought it to be. Lets get this story going already! 😛


Enter Protagonist. The chap had an awesome group of people around him called friends. Soon he gets a girl, and thats that. Here’s where the second girl enters. Now you all might be thinking, will she be threat to the relationship? Does he have an affair with this new chick, bla bla.. usual TV series stuff. But then this aint that. This happens to be my blogpost, so that never chances(trust me. it never will as well). 🙂

So second girl enters, quickly becomes one of the best buddies. (now thats skill!) All’s well. But it is here that something goes wrong. She gets ridiculed. The guy doesnt have a clue why. But apparently he does(you can almost sense the confusion there). Somehow, he finds a wall. Something like a Great Wall of China, with his “old” buddies on top.


Now here’s the thing.

He has a girl. She loves him, He loves her.

He has a best friend. She makes him happy, he makes her happy.

He can climb that wall, “can” NOT “will” or “should” or “has to”.

He wants to climb that wall. But he needs two people on board with him. The two girls.

Finally he makes it up with both of them. There he finds his buddies.

The Great Wall of China is long, and huge, and there is place for everyone.

He needs Everyone on the great wall.


Please try to find your point in this post.I would really appreciate if you posted what you have gathered in my comments section. Just want to know if this write up had a point. 😛


Ciao Buggers. Cheers. \m/